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You are welcome to order online (see below), via telephone or E-Mail: In any case you can reach us via E-Mail or via mobile phone in Germany +49-(0)176-78697759. Thank you and good vibes from the shop team.
PS: All our products are 100% vegetarian, 100% free of parfume and they were not tested on animals.

More sub catagories:
Shea/Baobab+Groundnutoil <=700g
Shea/Baobab+Groundnutoil <=700g

Information about our Fairtrade approach:

  • All Shea variations were bought with a least 40% Fairtrade premium. With the SENSITIVE this percentage is even higher due to the increased intensity of labor (production without machines).
  • In addition, we offer the buyers of Shea butter "Wild Savanna, 100ml" a Give Back To Humanity stake. With each  "Wild Savanna, 100ml" sold, automatically, 1USD goes back to the women's group. We personally monitor in Ghana the meaningful use of the funds...nature gives us what we need.
Soaps by nature

This is the right category for those who also prefer to use nourishing and protective substances for the cleansing of the skin.  Here you will find our hand soaps with extra high proportions of Shea Butter (70% for the BeurreDeKarité Soap and 50% for the Baobab-/ Henna Soaps) or the exotic Alata Simena Black Soaps from the ancient Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana.

I admire those who survive one night in the hospital in the growing area in Ghana...the medical (and non-medical) supplies and equipment in the hospital are a fiasco. Mainly due to malaria cases, in addition, the infant and child mortality is very high. Even the number of death in the (chaotic) traffic is enormous. Nevertheless...the average life expectancy at birth in Ghana (with 61 years) is very high under these circumstances. In the Upper West Region the food is still very natural and there have real health miracle cure available...Moringa to
In this category you find useful items such as inexpensive cosmetics spatula, handy little (or big) handmade baskets made ​​of elephant grass.
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